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Wastewater Level LLC is a specialist company. We designed the FOGRod to create the simplest and highest reliability level measurement device for wastewater applications. We don’t do anything else.

The FOGRod concept is extremely simple. This is the best way to increase system reliability. No calibration, no software, no laptops required. Just hang the FOGRod in the wetwell (no need to go down into the wetwell, no stilling tube needed), clip the LIT (the panel unit) onto DIN rail, connect the FOGRod cable to the LIT, connect power and ground and you start measuring level. Then connect 4 relays to replace your 4 floats (you just wire the relays to where your float wires landed). Or connect the analog output to replace your transducer or ultrasonic. You don’t need to change anything else in your panel.

We offer free try and buy for cities, towns, counties and parishes. Call us on (406) 545 3023 or email sales@www.pedpid.com to get your free trial. That’s the easiest way for you to see how simple and reliable the Fogrod is.

Our head office is in Kalispell, Montana, with product design and engineering in California. Our?North American inventory is warehoused in Lancaster, Pennsylvania so that delivery to most of the continental US and Canada takes five days or less (two or three days to the eastern half of the US). We ship most orders next day and our objective is to always have stock on the shelf.?Our distributors in other parts of the world usually have their own local stock.

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